When it comes to starting a project there’s always a question in our heads … What framework to use? In this document three different frameworks have been selected thanks to their characteristics and popularity. It must be said that any of them can bring success to the project.


Angular, React and VueJS have been selected since they have a high popularity index, fanbase, tools and support that differentiate them from the rest of front end development frameworks. …


It’s pretty normal having issues when creating your Typescript interfaces, from having doubts as to when to create a class or the correct structure to use. Your simple models can get bigger and bigger without you even knowing it ! So that’s why this guide has been created, to help you understand the basics of how to create and manage your Typescript interfaces.

1. Class vs Interface

The question developers are too afraid to ask, because of shyness or whatever other reason…when do you create a class or an interface ?

First, let’s talk about each one of them.


Think of a toy factory…

Hello everyone ! let’s talk about Angular Material, a super cool UI library created by google that we angular developers love to use in our projects. But …. what if we have been using it wrong ? I get it, some components that the library uses are super simple, just with a copy and paste we can get them working, and the same with more complex elements like the auto complete…. right ?.

Lets see some examples:


HTML for Angular Material inputs

<input matInput placeholder="Favorite food" value="Sushi">

Easy enough! we can still change it in a way so we…

Configuration Files:


Path Alias:

They are shortcuts for our files, with them we can implement imports in a more comfortable and short way.




It expects a json with the following property “includePaths” that declares shortcuts for our style files in the same that path alias, the only difference is that it doesn’t need an “@” to use it on your scss files.

"stylePreprocessorOptions": {
"includePaths": ["src/app/shared/styles"]


Each one of the configurations available for our project to use on our compilation.

I recommend the following for development and production:

"configurations": {…

Hi everyone ! I often found myself creating custom solutions to state management problems for my junior coworkers, because lets get real about this…. reactive programming and ngrx/store are pretty difficult to understand and more to master.

I LOVE Rxjs ! customizing flows of data trough observables and combining their results are one of my guilty pleasures in development, but not everyone feels the same when having to share information between brother components or different modules. You may often use services, input and outputs, or even create Rxjs’s observables to try to fix this, but as the application grows ngrx/store…

Alan Buscaglia

I'm an Engineer Front End Developer Architect with expertise in Angular with ngrx/store. Huge experience in big data flow applications.

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